BROOKS: Jump on the Bandwagon

The Kentucky Football Bandwagon will be picking up any riders that need to jump on board. No hard feelings, no I told-you-sos. Well, maybe one: I TOLD YOU SO!!! Now with that out of my system, I hope you are on board!

The team won't mind you jumping on either, but some of your fellow fans may be a little more hesitant in accepting your new found love for the Wildcats. The fans who have stuck by the program deserve applause, and have the right to also say: "I told you so!"

Kentucky football has done a turn around since the first season in the Brooks' years.

The football program has gone from a program defending every single move and decision, to one that now commands some respect. So let's give this team what they deserve: a hearty send off at the last home game honoring the seniors who have been a part of the rebuilding of the program.

Show up in full force filling the stadium Saturday against Louisiana-Monroe. The hard working young men who have struggled to give you winning football at the University of Kentucky deserve a full stadium to send them out and thank them for their dedication.

Seniors of Kentucky Football, I salute you. I thank you for coming to Kentucky and struggling with the program to build a better football team. I apologize to you on the behalf of "fans" that have been nasty and rude to you along the way. I apologize to you for the "fans" that have booed you, and not supported you when you needed it. I apologize to you for the nasty writers who have belittled and criticized you publicly. I apologize to you for the years you were unable to hold your head up high, despite your valiant efforts and hours of commitment.

I commend you on being persistent, and not giving up. You have led this team to a season that will not be forgotten, and will hopefully be the turning point for your program. You will be missed, but you will not be forgotten. I hope you will have no regrets on giving Kentucky some of the best years of your life, you have made a difference.

As I was racing to get to the game prior to kick off last weekend, I was shocked at the number of people who were still outside the stadium at 12:45!!! Please be in your seats early this weekend, as the seniors and their families will be on the field prior to the game on Senior Day. They deserve to be honored in front of the entire stadium, and not a stadium that is almost empty since people like to tailgate up until the final moments. The players and their families will be moving onto the sidelines at 12:30. They will be taking the field at 12:42, and a video honoring them will air at 12:45. Please don't be a late arriving crowd on a very emotional day for the guys who have fought to bring Kentucky quality football.

Make a better effort to be at the Catwalk as the team arrives 2:15 minutes prior to kick off. This is your chance to really thank them, on the final Catwalk of the season at Commonwealth. Bring your signs for the seniors, and bring your VOICES to cheer them on. Lead some chants and cheers as the players walk through, don't just show up and think that is enough!

I am amazed how few people are showing up at the Catwalk, and for those who did, it is surprisingly quiet. The idea is to fire the guys up, so don't keep your hands in your pockets!!! Shout! Yell! Clap!!! Empty the bucket this weekend! These guys have held up their end of the bargain, and are taking the Wildcats bowling. Now it is time to hold up yours.

On that same line, if you do show up for the Catwalk, it had better not be to lob criticism at any coaches or players. This is not the time or the place for you to stand on a soap box and spew your venomous poison at the Wildcats as they are entering the stadium to play a football game. The same goes for those seat holders behind the bench of the Wildcats. A family friend was on the sidelines at the Vanderbilt game, and told me during halftime that he had never in his life heard such horrible comments coming from the stands behind the team. (It was not his first time on the sidelines of a football game.)

What are you thinking? Are you thinking that you are doing the team any favors by spewing criticism at them while they are trying to concentrate on the game? Are you thinking that you sound intelligent? That the players appreciate you? If I were sitting in the stands, there would be a huge scuttle butt to silence the offenders. There is no place for that kind of behavior in Commonwealth. It is downright embarrassing that people can behave that way. Are you the same people who run on the field during a pee wee football game to tackle a ref or another child? Your behavior is appalling. Your behavior is embarrassing, and should not be tolerated. In my opinion, you should be escorted from the stands, and not be allowed to return.

You are not setting a good example to anyone, and in case you did not notice, there are children in the stands. There are children at the Catwalk. Keep your negative nasty comments to yourself, and do the team a favor by not showing up at the game. Obviously, some people cannot behave like respectful human beings. Perhaps security should be alerted to the offenders so that people trying to enjoy the game can do so without listening to that kind of rude ranting. Respect other people around you, respect the football program, but most importantly remember that there may be an innocent child near you that should not be subjected to that kind of behavior during a memorable family outing to a football game.

With the move by the Athletic Department to make free tickets available to students and faculty this weekend, let's hope that the stadium has a healthy LARGE crowd. Don't let the weather keep you from honoring the seniors who have bled blue for you.

Let's get a large group of cheerleaders in front of the student body section to lead them in some stadium deafening cheers. The student body has some of the loudest and rowdiest fans in it and should be utilized in cranking up the volume. Cheerleaders: How about leading one side of the stadium into saying "WE!" and the other side of the stadium saying "Believe!" How about when we are on defense having signs that read "DEEE" and "FENSE!!" instead of the symbol ones that don't seem to ignite the crowd. Commonwealth needs more than just the symbols held up, or signs that say "Stand up and cheer." Entice the crowd!


The Bandwagon has seats available, and we would rather fill the wagon than have empty seats. Go ahead, JUMP ON! Let's go 7-4!

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