Fridays Practice Pictures 8-16-02

Check out some of todays RAINY pictures

Antonio trying to stay at least somewhat out of the rain

These next stills are a frame by frame of a beautiful catch by Chris Bernard

Aaron Boone taking a breather, and some advice from Coach Pease

Shane Boyd about to release

A nice pass breakup by Earven Flowers

Keith Chatelein giving a fake punch to Sylvester Miller between drills

Glenn Holt with a great one handed grab

Shane and Jared scan the field

Wesley McGriff teaching, as always

McGriff is always in the face of the corners, if anyone can make this a good group, Wesley can

The first team O-line plus Drobney

Coach Pease gets on Trey, again

It was a wet, wet day

Coach Pease discusses a play with Glenn, and they end up changing it

The UK quarterbacks get a lesson

Tommy "Da Man" Cook gets ready for a route

Pease and Cook discuss a route

After another sensational catch by Chris Bernard, Coach Pease offers Jackson to switch coaching positions, since Jacksons job get so easy with that talent

Does this look like a walkon redshirt freshman wide reciever? Demarcus Wood looks and plays fantastic

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