VAUGHT: Sunday tidings from Coach Brooks

Rich Brooks talked about his team's defense, fan attendance and Tennessee more than anything else during his Sunday teleconference with a few less media members than normal today — and apparently none from Tennessee based on the questions asked. Here are the highlights.

What did the film review show about the defense that could not stop Louisiana-Monroe?

"They got us on our heels. We started playing tentative. They did a lot of cut blocking on the interior and we did not respond as well as we needed to," Brooks said. "They have very good schemes that are hard to duplicate in practice when we don't run that kind of offense. Once they started having some success, we maybe freelanced too much on defense. We just got whipped a little bit on defense.

"That's not an easy offense to stop when you don't have a lot of experience in defensive schemes with that type of offense. They had the advantage of seeing our Vanderbilt game where they ran some of the things. Their running game was greatly expanded for us. We were guessing who had the ball. They did a good job with deception. We just did not play well."

Defensive coordinator Mike Archer said he tried everything and nothing worked. Any comment on that?

"That was pretty obvious. It would work one play and then they would counter with another blocking scheme and it wouldn't work," Brooks said. "Right now we just are not experienced and talent laden enough that we can overpower people."

What about so many empty seats during the three-game win streak over Georgia, Vanderbilt and Louisiana-Monroe that raised UK's record to 7-4?

"I don't know. That is something I can't control," the Kentucky coach said. "I do feel for the most part that fans that have been at the three home games are the true Kentucky fans and they have been supportive and seen entertaining football and enjoyed three significant wins in Kentucky football history."

Now it is on to Tennessee, which easily beat Vanderbilt Saturday. How do the Vols look?

"(Eric) Ainge came back (at quarterback after an ankle injury) against Vanderbilt. He looked very mobile. I would say his injury is a non-factor coming into our game. They dominated what I think is very good Vanderbilt team. They are a very physical group up front on defense with good speed. Vanderbilt had an extremely difficult time running and was very ineffective throwing. Tennessee took it away from them, too. Offensively, Ainge threw well and they ran it very well against Vanderbilt. This is a huge challenge."

Will it will help having long-time Tennessee assistant Randy Sanders on the Kentucky staff for this game?

"I think that is really overrated. Let's not forget they have (former UK quarterback coach) Kurt Roper on their staff. I think there isn't any significant gain by any inside knowledge," Brooks said. "I would assume everybody would want to beat the team where they left just like you want to win every game."

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