VAUGHT: Christian Johnson helping his brother

Christian Johnson told everyone, including his brother Micah, that it would not be easy for Micah Johnson to make a huge impact at linebacker for Kentucky as a true freshman.

Through 11 games, older brother has been exactly right. Micah Johnson made one early start and has played in every game, but recently he's been mainly limited to special teams play and occassionally backing up middle linebacker Braxton Kelley.

"I talk to Micah every day twice a day, even three times a day. We talk about football and what is going on right now. The thing Micah understands is that he knew it would be a big transition from high school to college, especially in the SEC. This is a fast conference and it takes time to learn what is going on," Christian Johnson, a starting offensive guard, said. "I try to tell him to just stay coachable. Keep your eyes open and your mind and heart open to being coached. These coaches will help make him a great player."

Christian Johnson knows his brother, the most highly-touted player in UK's 2006 recruiting class, has been frustrated at times with his lack of productivity.

"I know he is probably a little upset with how he is not getting a lot of playing time and how he is playing. It is a transition. He just has to get up to speed. You are not going to start off being a beast in this league or on this team. It is like a ladder. You have to keep getting better and climbing higher. That's what he is trying to do. And he will eventually do it," Christian Johnson said.

Does little brother welcome the words of wisdom from his older brother?

"Sometimes. I might just start a conversation, but a lot of times he will start it. After this game (against Louisiana-Monroe), he brought it to me and I talked to him. It's not just me, either. There are a lot of other players on the team, too, that show a little bit of being a big brother toward him. A lot of guys know what it is like not to have the success you want right away," Christian Johnson said.

"I told him the guys in front of him were going to be good. A lot of times when you get recruited and you are a huge athlete, people tell you that you can come in and start and you are going to be on the field. I told him the whole time that guys in front were good athletes and he would have to keep getting better with them. But the thing happens with lot of recruits is that you give them a lot of competition and that makes them better as well. I am not speaking just for my brother. That is what happens a lot of times. Micah just has to understand that and keep working, which he will."

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