VAUGHT: Woodson will be back at Kentucky

Forget all the questions about whether Andre Woodson will be back at Kentucky next year or not. He's going to be.

No, that's not what he exactly told me. And I didn't feel asking him a question like that after Saturday's bitter loss at Tennessee was appropriate. There is a time and place for everything, but putting a young athlete on a spot like that after he's done everything he could to win a game and fallen short is just not something I like to do.

But I did admit to Woodson that his play this year had surprised me and that I was one of those after spring practice who didn't think he deserved to be the quarterback.

"Don't worry about that. You weren't by yourself. I didn't play well in spring practice. At that time, I didn't deserve the job," he said. Open my heart and find a spot to put that young man because his answer was so wise and mature that I will never forget it. Rather than gloat or even take a playful jab at my obviousl ignorance, he let me off the hook.

He also talked openly about how much better UK could be next year and what he had to do to get better. He also credited everyone but himself for UK's offensive prowess.

"Honestly, I really didn't see us headed this direction this year (offensively.) I knew we could be a good team, but this really shows how we can play when everyone is on the same page," Woodson said. "Now the big thing is we know we are capable of playing like this. Next year we have almost everyone back. Just think how much better we can be if we really work on the things we have not done well. I think that is the big thing for us going into next year and if we work hard enough, we could really have a special offense next year."

Does that sound like a player who intends to be anywhere but UK next year? It doesn't to me because Woodson knows as good a year as he has had, he still has room to improve before he tries his luck in the National Football League.

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