Q & A with Shane Boyd

Pookie Jones talks with Shane Boyd about the upcoming season.

Q & A with Shane Boyd


Q: What's been your biggest adjustment from your freshman year until now?


A:  Just the mental aspect of it.  Playing a lot of athletics takes a lot of mental work.


Q:  How have you trained your mind and your mental capacity to cheer Jared on?  How do you get along? 


A:  We get along real good.  The situation we've been put in these past couple years, we have to stick together, we can't be enemies.  The only thing we can do is to push each other to get better and make this whole team better.  The way I've been training my mind is just looking out for the team, do all I can to contribute at whatever position I'm in, whether I'm the man or I'm the backup man.


Q:  Let's talk about the fact that is the first time in your career you've ever sat.


A:  It's a humbling situation.  It isn't as bad as people think it is, to sit back and watch and let him lead and watch what he does and learn from what he does right, what he has mishaps on and just take it all in and learn from it. 


Q:  As a starter you know going into every day of practice that you're working towards something, as the backup, take me through what it's like having to be ready at a moment's notice.


A:  It's not the easiest thing in the world, you know.  You're expected to come in and not miss a click.  The only thing I can do is take mental reps while he's doing his reps and just learn as much as I can, take in as much as I can.  When my time's called, I have to go out there and perform  


Q:  As far as the intermediate passes, coming in as a freshman, sometimes we have adrenaline coming in, we throw a lot of balls harder than we normally would, and as we develop, we learn how to put touch on balls.  Have you seen yourself develop as a quarterback?


A:  I've seen myself come a long way.  Like you said, with adrenaline going you just want to fire it in there every time.  You just have to learn to throw a catchable ball, whether it's throwing it early or throwing it softer, letting them adjust, which I've learned to do.  You just have to keep adjusting, a lot of adrenaline, keep things going, you just have to calm yourself down and play the game you ought to play.


Q:  Last year, the quarterback job obviously was open, going into camp this year, it's Jared's job.  Is it tougher to prepare for a season knowing that the job isn't necessarily open?


A:  I say yes.  It's a lot of taking mental reps, there's nothing like taking live ‘O' reps with the first team but you can sit back and learn from what they're doing and then go in at the same level or a higher level.  Just take a lot of mental reps and wait your turn.


Q:  A lot of fans talk about getting you on the field in some way.  If not at quarterback, maybe at some other spot?  What are your thoughts on any other position?


A:  I really don't think about it.  I'm a quarterback that's it.  If I feel that I can help then I let them know or they let me know, we talk about it, but I'm a quarterback.


Q:  You and Jared seemed like you had a great relationship last year.  Is that still the same?


A:  Yeah, we have a real good relationship.  The situation that we're in, we don't have any choice but to stick together.


Q:  How much coming off last season, playing a game like you guys did against Tennessee and LSU, games where you got close, how much as that helped the team grow?


A:  It lets you know that you're not that far way, first to hold within teams like that and then nearly beat them, we have to find something in ourselves and just get over that line and control games like that and get somewhere. 


Q:  Having the Bowl ban, is it

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