Q & A with Leonard Burress

Leonard discusses this season's goals.


Q & A: Leonard Burress


Q:  What have you done this year to prepare, as far as your prep for the upcoming season?


A:  Basically, one thing they told me I really need to work on is my confidence.  Last year was my first year as an actual starter to the game and I was still sort of fresh and my confidence level wasn't as high as it should have been.  Right now they tell me to work on that and I think I have, I think I'm more confident.


Q:  What's the attitude of the team, knowing you probably won't be going to a bowl game this year, what are you playing for?  A lot of guys are playing for respect.


A:  That's the biggest thing right now.  We're just playing for respect.  A lot of people around the college football league really don't respect us.  They really don't think that we're talented enough to play in the SEC, and right now we're just playing for respect.  If we get a chance to go to a bowl game it's fine but if we don't, we're just going to play for respect, we're going to win more game than people think we are. 


Q:  What type of leader are you?  You're going to be someone to look up to this year as far as on defensive backfield.  What kind of qualities do you have, are you a quiet leader, do you a lot of jawing out there?


A:  I'm more of a quiet leader.  I'd rather show by example than with my mouth.  I'm probably the opposite of Derrick Tatum, I really don't talk as much but I try to show by example.


Q:  Defense this year is going to be a lot stronger and you guys are going to sneak up on some teams.  What would be your ultimate goal this year?


A:  Ultimate goal is basically to get the total yards down this year.  Last year we gave up a lot of total yards, this year we're planning on cutting it in half.  Giving them 200 yards a game instead of 400 some yards a game, so if we do that we'll be fine.




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