Media Day with Ernest Simms

This Cat must be a 12 cylinder Jag.

Q & A:  Ernest Sims


Q:  Ernest, what do you see your role out here coming out with this year's team with the rotation of receivers, you're kind of on your first team now for the first time in your career here.  What's your role going to be on the outside?  Will you be in the slot?


A:  I'm starting at slot receiver and Coach is working me in a little bit as Z, Z and X, whenever we just go 2 receivers.  He said that he plans on trying to keep me on the field a lot this year.  Try to utilize my speed, utilize my talent so hopefully I can contribute.


Q:  What kind of off season stuff did you work on?  You're going to be utilizing stretch the field a lot, the go routes.  Did you work a lot on ball handling and speed and conditioning?


A:  Mostly on ball handling.  I caught a lot of balls this year, because I had to work on that.  Worked on my route run, worked on coming out of my breaks, working on getting off the ball.  You know you can never work enough on anything. 


Q:  Are you going to do any special teams work?


A:  Yeah, I'm on kickoff return.  I'm backing up Abney on punt return right now.


Q:  Are you excited about that?


A:  Yeah I'm excited because you never know.  One day Abney might get tired and I'll have to run a punt back.  I think it's going to be me and Abney back on kick return this year which should be good, two speedy guys back there, hopefully we can do something.


Q:  Are you the fastest guy on this team?


A:  Yeah I'm the fastest guy on this team.


Q:  Do you rub it in their face?


A:  Actually no, I don't have to rub in their face anymore because they know I'm the only cat on here that ran a 4.23.  I'm the only one who ran that, I think probably in the history of Kentucky football so I like to say I'm the fastest guy that ever came through Kentucky.


Q:  Do you use that when you're staring somebody down from across the line, do you tell them, "You know what, I'm the only cat that's done that."


A:  I look at my opponent and if he's up trying to jam me then I ask him to get back because if he's up on me, I'm going to beat him.  That's how I feel whenever I go up against anybody.  I'm very confident in my speed and that's one thing I know I can do, I can get open.  I know that because I don't think there's a db that can run with me but that's just me.


Q:  How about the offensive system, when they scaled back the offense last year did Pease and them incorporate more plays and more playbook in the spring?


A:  We kind of just stuck to the basics.  He didn't want to put too much on us, he just wanted to go out there and get some things done.  We worked on a lot of stuff we worked on last year during the ready season.  We didn't really put anything new in, just try to perfect the basics that we already knew.




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