Talking with Otis Grigsby

Shine like the sun.

Q & A:  Otis Grisby


Q:  Otis, looks like it's your year to shine, right?  What are you plans and what are your goals? 


A:  I want to stop the run, help the defense stop the run, and that's all I want to do.  We want to cause problems in the backfield and we want to win games.  As far as my personal goals, I'm trying to do the best I can to continue my career.  I love playing here but I don't want that to end.


Q:  You've always wanted to play a little linebacker but now you've beefed up, are you settled at defensive end?


A:  I have settled at defensive end.  I came to the realization


Q:  You know I asked Coach for you like you told me and I did ask him


A:  You did ask him and he asked me, "What do you want to do," and I thought, "Defensive end?"  I still have that linebacker in me but I came to the realization that defensive end is a great position and the only way I'm actually going to be good at this position is if I get bigger so I had to do that.  I was kind of trying to hold on to that linebacker weight, didn't have that linebacker speed, so …


Q:  But you have great defensive end speed.  How hard was it to put on the weight?


A:  It wasn't that hard.  I just ate and I started drinking those performance series Gatorade shakes and things just started getting bigger and it's kind of fun.  I like lifting weights now.


Q:  How do you see the defense improving under the second year of Goodner's system?


A:  It's a good system.  Pretty much I think everyone's going to feel a little bit more comfortable.  Goodner's talking about putting some more nickel in the games.  If we stay healthy, we got our linebackers back, we got our defensive tackles back, we can stop the run.  We play hard and that's all you have to do.


Q:  Losing Dennis Johnson was obviously big, so you're the only person with SEC experience.  Is that a factor?


A:  That could be a factor if the rest of the guys let it get to their heads.  Pretty much you play the way you want to.  If you sit there and go out there being scared then you're going to play so well.  If you go out there thinking, "Hey, this guy is just like me.  We're on the same level, college football athletes," then the sky's the limit.


Q:  Is this one of the better defenses Kentucky's had since you've been here?


A:  I really think so.  I really, really do think so.  Our linebackers look good, our guys are stronger.  If you look across the board, our guys are strong, Ronnie Riley, Dave (Johnson), Dewayne (Robertson), all those guys, I'm impressed.  Quentus (Cumby), did you see Quentus?  He's swole.  We're bigger, we're faster, we're stronger, and we want to win.  So, that's all we need.




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