Lessons with Tommy Cook

Today's lesson: utilizing different positions

Q:  I was talking to the coaches and your role is going to expand a lot more this season.  What do you foresee for yourself and what are your goals?


A:  Every time I touch the ball just to do the most I can with it.  My goal is to be hopefully in the wide out mix with everyone else and just catch balls and help our team win.  The individual goals will come if we do our part and we're winning but first and foremost we want to win.


Q:  Which wide out position are you slated for now?


A:  I'm slated for Z position.  That's the furthest guy outside and he also moves easily.  Most of the time he's the man in motion in our sets.  I'm multiple, I can be inside, outside or in motion.


Q:  Will you go on the go routes, will you go on the slants?


A:  Everything.  The X and the Z position, every route that we have, we run.  Most of the time we're the deep threats.


Q:  Explain last year for us.  What your feelings were, how you had little playing time early then you kind of came on towards the end of the season?


A:  It was just a fact of bidding my time.  I was young, I was a redshirt freshman last year and I was bidding time and there were some people in front of me and when I got my chance I didn't look back with it.  I just took it and ran.  That's the only thing I could really do.  I just bided my time and when I got my chance I did stuff with it. 


Q:  What opportunity do you see for yourself this year?


A:  I see it being better.  The coaches know what I can do so far.  They know what I can and can't do and they're going to hopefully give me the chance to get the ball in my hands and hope we make some big plays.


Q:  Second year, Brent Pease's system to you, do you think you've learned more, do you think you have the system down now to where you can be more effective?


A:  I think myself, and everybody else, we've gotten the system down good.  You could tell it was a new system for us coming into the beginning of the year last year and about halfway through the season, the last five games, we were leading the SEC in pretty much all offensive categories.  Comfort ability is what makes the offense click and I think we have that now.


Q:  Where have you improved the most?


A:  I think my speed, my quickness has gotten better, and you can always improve on your hands.  So, working with your hands and getting out of your cuts and your routes is what we need to work on.


Q:  Jared's coming in as a starting quarterback, without any question about it this year.  Is that going to make a difference from last year when we weren't sure who was going to be at the helm?


A:  It will make a difference.  We're comfortable with both quarterbacks but it's also reassuring to have somebody solid back there that you know is going to be back there and who we're looking to and get comfortable with the way he throws the ball because they throw the ball a little different.


Q:  How are you comfortable with Jared as far as the way he throws the ball, your pass routes and timing and such?


A:  That's what we've been doing all summer so we're really comfortable with both of them actually.  It's just the fact of getting that timing down.  That's what we've been doing all summer, that's what we're going to be doing in camp.


Q:  What do you think the offense will improve the most this year?


A:  I think people are going to be surprised with our running game.  I think that everybody's expecting the wide receivers to have a big year and we're expecting that too but I think people are going to be surprised with Artose Spinner and Alexis (Bwenge) and Mike Kamphake and them, I think they're going to be really

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