In Jared's Pocket

Lorenzen calls the shots.

Q & A:  Jared Lorenzen


Q:  How does it hit you when you hear your name if it's ever mentioned with the word Heisman?


A:  That would be the greatest thing ever.  It's definitely a tribute to all the guys that are with me.  I know only one guy can win it but when you have your teammates behind you, you have to have receivers, you have to have your line block for you, you have to have running backs.  That's more of a team deal.


Q:  Are you looking at this season with Artose behind you being ‘the guy', you think that's going to help you?


A:  I sure as heck hope so.  We want to give it to him 25, 30 times a game.  He needs to have 1000 yards for us this year.  With that extra game that should definitely help him out.  He has helped me out.  He's a hard runner, one of the hardest runners I've ever seen.  Getting him the ball is not going to be a problem, hopefully he can get his yards and take a little pressure of me


Q:  Is there any spot in the offense that you're worried about at all?


A:  Not that I can see.  I have some of the best 5 lineman I've seen in the country.  I have great receivers, great running backs.  That's pretty much all you can ask for.


Q:  Coming in Coach Morriss has made it clear that you're going to be the starting quarterback this year unlike last year where it was up in the air.  Does that make you a little bit more confident or relaxed coming into the season?


A:  Yes and no.  It's good to know that but things can change in a heartbeat.  I can go tear something, I can play bad so things can change in a heartbeat.  But we'll be out there, we'll be competing.  He's going to make me better, I'm going to make him better. 


Q:  You've caught a lot of grief over the weight, that's never really seemed to bother you as far as on the field.  How does it make you feel when it's such a big issue whereas it's never really affected your performance.  There isn't really anything where people can point back and say, "Well, Jared was overweight and he couldn't perform."  How does it make you feel knowing it hasn't affected you?


A:  It hasn't and the media loves it.  They love blowing it up.  I don't have any problem with it.  As long as I can play 4 quarters of a game, play as well as I possibly can, I don't see any problem with it.  If I'm big, oh well, I'm still going to be out there throwing. 


Q:  Second year in Coach Pease's system, do you feel more comfortable there, picking up more plays, with the checkoffs, reads.  What has improved with that?


A:  He's simplified it for us.  Basically he told me not to worry so much about my reads, just get up there and play ball and throw and hit the open receiver.  I guess I was just having a problem with going through my reads and making sure I was reading this guy and this guy and this guy and once he put me back in he said, "Just throw.  Just have fun, go out there and play football."  It helped me out a lot just doing that.


Q:  What will be the biggest improvement on the offense this year?


A:  I honestly think we can be a lot more explosive.  With Tose back there running, that just brings 7 or 8 guys in the box when they do that.  You have to put a DB on either Abney, Cook, and by themselves.  That's tough to do for any DB, so we bring those guys up in the box, we burn them deep.  It can be a lot of fun this year.


Q:  Do we have a lot more check offs at the line for runs and passes depending on how they're lining up?


A:  I'm sure we will.  We'll put them in as two-days go.  Just the way they're lined up, they overload on one side, we r

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