Speeding into Lexington?

You can teach a kid almost everything in the game of football, but there are still a handful of things that are deemed uncoachable.

One of them is speed.

At 6-foot-0, 165 pounds Anthony Mosley isn't going to intimidate anyone with his stature, but get him in a race, and there are few people in the Peach State that can compete.

"We have a great weight program speed here at Tucker," Mosley explained, "With me, we concentrate mainly on speed and conditioning. We are required to run track in the off-season and it has really helped keep my focus on speed and helping me to be on the same level as some of the other top receivers. I think it helped keep me hungry and driven."

The Tucker (Ga.) high school wide receiver has clocked a forty-yard dash under a 4.4 more than a handful of times and sports a 21.9 200 meter time in a state meet. His fastest time was at a camp this summer, when he turned in a 4.36 forty-yard dash.

"I know that I am known as a speed guy, but I'd like to be thought of as a speed and possesion receiver," Mosley added. "I pride myself on not dropping the football. I haven't dropped a pass this season."

Mosley has an official visit set with Kentucky for this weekend. The senior star has already been to Lexington on an unofficial visit with teammate Brandon Lampkin, for the Vanderbilt game. He is one of the most heavily sought after receivers in the Peach State.

"The main thing I'm gonna be looking at is the coaches and the character of the players and the people on campus," Mosley said. "Academics are going to be good everywhere. I'm just going to be looking for evidence of a good coaching staff."

"When I went up there before, I got to meet with Coach Brooks and I really did like him alot," Mosley said. "I went to a lot of different schools this summer - Duke, Florida State, Clemson - and you couldn't help but be a little hesitant and have a little bit of nervousness to talk to the head coach. I was not hesitant to talk to Coach Brooks. He's very outgoing. He came up and talked to us like it was nothing and had a great conversation."

As a senior, Mosley made 20 catches for 347 yards for a 17.4 yards-per-catch average. He added five touchdowns.

"I'm getting alot of interest from alot of schools. Ole Miss, North Carolina, Michigan State, Louisville, Memphis, Southern Miss, and a few small schools have been recruiting me the hardest," Mosley said. "It's been mostly the schools in the south. North Carolina was a school that I was really high on, but they are transitioning with a new recruiting staff, so I am unfamiliar with them."

Clemson, Indiana, Illinois and Georgia Tech have been linked with Tucker as well through the process. "We just got done with our season a few weeks ago," Mosley added, "so I'm just starting to get back into the recruiting process."

So with a few unofficial visits under his belt and the opportunity to see Kentucky for the second time, where does the speedster stand on recruiting?

"I consider myself open and getting ready to take the next step," Mosley admitted. "Kentucky feels like a place I can really fit in."

Much has been made about the position Mosley will play. If, in fact, he does choose the Wildcats after his official visit, this weekend, Joker Phillips and the coaching staff has already made up their mind as to where they'd like to play Mosley at the next level.

"Wide receiver, that was the main position," Mosley said. "I just started playing football my junior year of high school, so I'm still learning how to play the position, but Joker said that he was more interested in my speed."

"I played in the hardest conference and the 2nd hardest region in the state of Georgia," Mosley said. "I think they see a lot of good things in my future."

Scheduled to take the trip to Kentucky with him is best friend, Brandon Lampkin, who recently verballed to Arkansas last weekend. The commitment came off the heels of receiving his first scholarship offer from Arkansas just days before.

"Me and Brandon do everything together," Mosley commented. "Arkansas was a good fit for him, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good fit for me. Just like Kentucky might not be a good fit for him."

A native of Cleveland (Oh.) where his grandmother still resides, Mosley moved to Ellenwood, Ga. when he was a freshmen in high school, the senior was recently crowned homecoming king at Tucker.

"The SEC would be a great opportunity," Mosley concluded. "I'm from Cleveland and I've always been around the Big Ten, so I was always a Big Ten guy, but I learned to gain alot of respect for the SEC. At UK, you consistantly play against the best, every week. I want to be able to play around some of the best athletes and I want to be apart of turning around the program."

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