KENNY WALKER: Redshirt year will help Carter

I know Jared Carter did not want to be redshirted this year and that coach Tubby Smith was hoping going into the season that he would play a big role for Kentucky this year. Now that he's out for the year and needs surgery on his shoulder, he has to take advantage of the opportunity presented to him.

This will give him the opportunity to heal and come back 100 percent healthy next year. More important than that, it will give him the opportunity to spend a little bit more time in the weight room and get a little big stronger. I saw some improvement in his game this year, but he is still a guy that gets knocked off balance too easy to be as big as he is.

You want him being 7-foot tall to play with more aggressiveness. I think if he can get back stronger, and hopefully get somebody like Jamaal Magloire that will come back in the summer and work out with him like I did when I was playing in the pros, that would help out more than any coaching could do. It would help his game and also make him tougher.

Not every player wants to be redshirted or sees the benefit in it. But this injury gives him no choice but to take the redshirt year. In his case, it will help. He was struggling to get into the rotation this year. That meant he likely was going through another year of getting spot duty and minutes only here and there.

Now he has opportunity to sit out, get healthy and start the next season out healthy. Then he hopefully will be the one getting the minutes at the start of next year instead of trying to earn time to get into the game.

I think it is very important that he not only approach this very aggressively to get healthy, but also use the redshirt year to get in the weight room more and get a little bit stronger. I want to see him be a little more assertive and aggressive. To me, he still plays the game a little too tentative. I think this year will help that. He still has plenty of time to develop into a big-time player and having to be redshirted could turn out to be the best thing ever to happen to him.

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