Kenny Walker looks at Kentucky v Louisville

I was part of the first couple of Kentucky-Louisville games and I always remember the hype around those games. Indiana is a big rivalry. Tennessee is a big rivalry. But I don't think any of them compare to the Louisville game. The schools are so close and now that Coach Pitino is there that only adds a little bit more spark to it.

Kentucky has won two of the last three. I think it will be very difficult for Kentucky to win three in a row over Louisville, but both teams are fairly even in talent. Both teams are trying to find an identity. I think it will be a very, close, hard-fought game.

Kentucky has to take care of the ball and cut down on turnovers better than it did in its first big road game at North Carolina. The one thing they do have going for them is that they will not be facing the type of talent they did at North Carolina. I think North Carolina with guys they returned and freshmen they had, they were awesome. Talent-wise, they will get a break in that department against Louisville.

The Cats might be catching Louisville at a time when the Cardinals are getting healthier. I don't know if Padgett will ever be 100 percent this year, but Palacios is starting to find his game. If the Cards get Caracter in the mix more, and then Jenkins' leadership is probably missed the most because he gets all in position to play well. If he's close to 100 percent, he could be problem.

Even if Louisville is not ranked, this would be a huge win. Tubby is going through a tough situation with some of the fans right now, but if he can get his third win in a row over Louisville and Pitino, I wouldn't say it wouldn't make any difference what he does the rest of the year but it sure would be a big feather in his hat. I think he is still the only assistant coach Pitino has had to beat him. Another win over Pitino would be huge because we know how much the fans respect Rick Pitino. Even though his team is down, you always fearful with his style that he is a troublesome opponent and if you can conquer him three years in a row, then that is a pretty good job.

I think Kentucky will win. I think the win over Indiana helped give Kentucky the right frame of mind to go to Louisville and win. You want to go into the game with a win as opposed to going in with a bruised ego if you had lost. I definitely think we can win at Louisville.

Kentucky-Louisville regardless of where teams are ranked, it will be a great game but I think Kentucky will win it.

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