VAUGHT: Aaron Boone staying busy

Former University of Kentucky receiver Aaron Boone is one of the most talented, interesting young men I've known. Don't believe me. Then just take a look at what he's been doing.

Currently, he's in Hawaii closing a deal to open a new franchise for a credit enhancement business -- (see his website at -- that he recently bought in Utah. He was involved in real estate sales in Utah when he saw what a lucrative business it could be to help people obtain credit, or improve their credit score.

He's also preparing to start another Arena Football League season. This time he'll be playing close to home with the Utah Blaze after making the AFL all-rookie team with Kansas City last year despite playing only seven games there after being traded from Philadelphia.

If that's not enough, he spent about a month recently working on the new movie, "We Are Marshall."

His former quarterback at Kansas City was in the popular football movie, "Invincible."

"They are actually using a lot of AFL players in football movies now. Actors can't play football. The ones in this movie could not catch the ball or run a route," Boone said. "The movies have started using real players. Since the NFL players are usually better, AFL players get the jobs. The Longest Yard used all Arena League players. We are real players, and we have more time to do the movie."

Boone, who wears No. 88 in the movie, plays a defensive end, a position he actually played in high school. He played on the Morehead State team that "crushed" Marshall in the movie.

"I am even listed as a stunt man in the film's credit with my full name displayed," said Boone, who has already seen the movie. "When they bumped me up from just an extra to a stunt man, I started making some great money. As an extra, you are doing it more just for the experience. When I got bumped up, I was making about the same as some of the actors."

If that's not enough, he's going to take advantage of UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart's offer to bring the 2002 team that finished 7-5 but was ineligible for a bowl game because of NCAA probation to the Music City Bowl. He's providing two tickets and a hotel room for one night for each player that can make the trip.

"He promised us that when we were seniors. I don't know if it has come back to haunt him or not, but he followed through with his promise," Boone said. "I was only at UK a couple of years because I came from a junior college, but that was a special year for me with all the turmoil that was going on around the program. Some people said we were playing for nothing since we couldn't go to a bowl, but we had just as good a year as this year's team. We went 7-5 and should have won at least two other games.

"I think with nothing to play for except pride, we really represented UK well. I think it is quite admirable to honor us in a sense by giving us tickets and a hotel room and let us come to the game. It's not the same as playing in a bowl, but it is nice to be remembered. I am impressed with Mr. Barnhart for upholding his commitment. He didn't necessarily have to do it. Years go by and things change, but he kept his word.

"We got people excited about UK football again. Then it hit a low spot and now it is exciting again. Maybe it's only fitting our team will be at the bowl game."

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