VAUGHT: Burton's father a Brooks supporter

Count Ed Burton, the father of junior receiver Keenan Burton, as a big Rich Brooks supporter. "People did not give the coaches their respect the last two years. When Keenan first went down there, they were really down on scholarship players," Ed Burton said. "Coach Brooks stuck to his guns and everything has happened just like he said it would.

The overall UK fan base need to give him more respect. I do not really like how some fans even treated the team this year when they seemed to give up on them.

"Coach Brooks told everybody what would happen when he first took the job. He had a lot of leadership this year from younger players, especially in the junior class, that really believed in him. They talked about what direction they wanted to go this year and followed that path coach Brooks set for them."

Burton says it didn't surprise him last year when several players, including his son, voiced strong support for Brooks and his staff when there was speculation a coaching change might be made at Kentucky.

"They basically said they backed the coaches and to leave them alone. They have a great relationship with those coaches. Every kid wants playing time, but they did not turn their back on their coaches. They stayed and worked their tails off to get where they are this year," Burton said. "I just hope they can go down now and win this bowl game, which I believe they will. That will bring more exposure, and recruits, to Kentucky. The end result is that one day we are going to see these kids playing for a SEC championship for coach Brooks. That is not a far-fetched idea any more. It might be a dream, but it is a dream that could eventually come true thanks to what coach Brooks has done for the program."

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