Cats make New Year's resolutions

KSR's Keith Taylor asked the Cats what resolutions they would be making this New Year's Day.

Following Kentucky's win over Eastern Kentucky on Saturday, Keith Taylor asked a few Kentucky players on their New Year's resolutions.

Ramel Bradley
"I don't have one yet. I will let you know tomorrow."

Randolph Morris
"I want to win the SEC."

Bobby Perry
"People always talk about New Year's resolutions. By the time January is over with, they have already forgotten all about them.

"Each and every day, I try to make a new resolution. … to be a better Christian, first and foremost and a better person.

"As far as basketball goes, I want to win a national championship. It's a new year, it's kind of like starting over going into conference play."

Joe Crawford
"To get more steals. I can get easier baskets off steals.

"We have played well so far, I think we'll continue to get better. We have a lot of tough games (coming up). The SEC is the toughest conference in America right now. We have some tough games ahead of us, we have to get ready for the challenge."

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