DEMAREE: Morris a "throwback" post player

Is it Morris' temperament or is it his workmanship about going about doing his job in the best way possible that we see on the court? He is not very demonstrative and doesn't show much emotion. He does not react to another player's emotion towards him, and does not engage in smack talk. All of this often renders him a very misunderstood person and player on the court.

Morris has often been misconstrued as a laid back player that is not into the game like some would like. This is far from the truth. Instead, this makes him a throw back to the yesteryear player.

Unlike the average good post-man in today's game, he doesn't play a lot above the rim. Conversely, he uses post moves to get his soft accurate jump shot off from 13-feet on in. His form and accuracy on his jump shot is special to watch. This style, again, make him a throwback type of post-man. "He is a Elvin Hayes type of player," Coach Tubby Smith said.

"We are not a team of throwing a lot of lob passes to the post but he can play above the rim," Smith said. "He's better at catching the ball on the move. We are always worried about fouls and he learning to pass out the post better.

"It's good to see him get SEC player of the week. He's been our most consistent player all year."

Smith was asked to what he attributed Morris' improved defense? "When Chuck (Hayes) was here, (Morris) got more silly fouls," Smith said. "He's become a lot more poised, his timing on his shot blocking is better, and knowing when he can attempt to block the shot, he's in better shape, and he realizes he has to do more."

Joe Crawford was asked if Morris was a misunderstood player? Crawford replied: "I think he's a misunderstood person. He's a private guy. For people that don't know him, he is very sarcastic. I mean, you can take him the wrong way sometimes. He's really a silly guy.

"I think he is just focused on playing his game, everyone can't be a vocal spark. Some people need to focus in and play their game. There are some games when he's intense and does show emotion and trying to get people going."

Morris seems to be more of a force on defense this year, is that true? "Yeah, he has picked up a lot on defense," a relieved Crawford said. "He's saved me from being pulled out of the game a lot of time by blocking shots, just everyone looks better." What spurred Morris on? "I think he was trying to catch Perry (Stevenson) early on and when he found out he could block shots, it just added to his game."

As the season goes along and as Morris goes, we may see the Wildcats turn some games that initially one might have written off as a loss into a win. So, accept Morris as he is and watch the team win games playing Tubby Ball!

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