WALKER: Confidence key for Kentucky

It is going to be interesting to see how Kentucky is going to do now against a very tough stretch of games now, especially after losing to Vanderbilt. During the win streak confidence is developed, so that when you go against quality teams you are not afraid or intimidated because you know how to win. That is what Kentucky was developing and confidence was high until they lost to Vanderbilt.

They have to get that confidence and belief back because it is easier for Tubby to teach the key things in practice if you are confident.

I didn't originally think the Georgia game would be that tough, but the way they played Alabama, they probably are the surprise team in the SEC right. If I had to pick the top three teams in the league right now, I would probably put Georgia in the top three with Florida and Kentucky above Alabama and Georgia.

Dennis Felton is a good coach. You can't forget that he has given Tubby all kinds of problems at Western Kentucky and Georgia. It is not going to be an easy game, and it is one Kentucky really needs to win now to make up for that loss to Vanderbilt. I think Kentucky will have to play the type of game it played at South Carolina. They may not shoot that well, but they need to follow that type of plan and get that scoring balance it takes to win on the road. If they can play somewhere close to that, they can beat Georgia.

But if they don't play with that type of effort, they could go down and lose just like they did against Vanderbilt.

Florida is still the team to beat in the league, but Kentucky has shown at times that it could play with Florida as well. Randolph Morris didn't have a big game against Vanderbilt, but he has probably still played as well as any big man in the SEC this year. You can almost pencil him in for a double-double each night. I know how hard that is, so I appreciate that. I think Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley have understood their roles better. That junior class has experience and has to carry the team in a big game like that. The junior class should be able to do enough to keep Kentucky competitive with Florida.

It's not really been good to play Florida anywhere the last couple of years, but I am hoping both teams play well. I would like to see Florida come in here No. 1 and have a great environment to inspire the guys. I think Florida will bring a deeper, more talented, more experienced team in here, but I will take my chances with the Wildcats in a packed, excited Rupp Arena. I still think that will be enough to inspire them to what could be the biggest win of the year.

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