VAUGHT: Golfer can vouch for Holsopple

Erica Still is a dynamic freshman golfer at the University of Kentucky. She can impress you with her down-home Georgia charm, or with her skills going around a golf course. She can also tell you about UK strength coach Scott Holsopple, the man who is credited with helping change the fortunes of Randolph Morris, Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley, because the golfers also work out with Holsopple.

"He had us kick it into high gear. He kills us, too," Still said.

She was used to intense weight room workouts because her high school regimen was built around what the football team did. "We would be in there lifting and they would yell at you. I am used to that and getting yelled at or hearing smart remarks like, ‘Golf is not a sport,'" Still said.

"We would always give it right back. I am kind of used to the hard work and the way he pushes you.

"I like him a lot, too. He knows his stuff. He always is prepared. He does work us pretty hard, but I have gotten stronger and in a lot better shape, especially running. I am not a runner by any means. Long distance and me just don't work. It's not my forte. But we do that with him. We run 10 minutes as a warm up. When you see that you can keep up with some of the people who are running a lot, it makes you feel good. After a month of working out with him, you can tell a huge difference."

So how hard does she think Holsopple might be on the basketball players?

"He's tough. I can just imagine what he does with the basketball players to toughen them up. We got to tour the new (basketball practice) facility doing lunges," she said. "So, yes, I can see him being very, very hard on the basketball team because of all that is expected of them."

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