Perry says week off will help Cats

As far as Bobby Perry is concerned, this is a perfect time for Kentucky to have an open week.

As far as Bobby Perry is concerned, this is a perfect time for Kentucky to have an open week.

"It's good to have some time off after you win. You don't want that to come after a loss, but we got a good win over Tennessee," Perry said. "Now it's good for you school-wise to have some time off to get caught up with your studies. You can also get some rest, which helps both physically and mentally. Just getting off the court for a little while can help your focus when you do practice. Then we can correct more things in practice. We can also get more shots up on our own with some time off. It see having a few days off as a blessing."

Not that Perry is foolish enough to think the Cats are without problems. More than anything, inconsistency has plagued UK. Even during the best of times, the Cats have had trouble sustaining good play for long periods.

"That's not a big concern because it is something we can fix. I have always been taught that if you can fix your mistakes, it is nothing to worry about. Just go out and try it again," Perry said. "We found a way to win against Tennessee by 19 points and that says a lot about the positives for this team."

But what concerns does he have?

"We have to find ways to keep the ball moving and to get it inside," Perry said. "The first half against Tennessee we didn't do a good job of that. The second half we found our rhythm and made some good plays on the offensive end. We need to get it inside more to Randolph early and let him get some baskets to get going. When we establish that, then we get open shots on the outside and that can change a game. If we can just get our ball movement better, then everything else will fall in place. Our defense has been pretty good. We just have to get our offense to match that, and I still think we can."

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