WALKER: 'Cats need to identify, define roles

Every Kentucky player now really needs to identify what his role is on the team. They have had all year to play in the system and see what they can do. Now is the time that coaches and players should know each other's capabilities and liabilities.

Freshmen are no longer freshmen now. They have reached the point of the season where they have adequate experience. The older guys who are not going to be back at UK, this is their last time to gear up and make a great run for their final season.

Everybody's goal should be the same right now to play together, get better and see how far the team can go.

The one big advantage of having an off week is that you cannot lose a game during the week. With each loss, it does a lot to your psyche and confidence.

It is extra time that coaches can put in stuff and also redefine the team. They can expand roles. They get more opportunity to teach. If the guys are buying into what the coach is preaching, then not having a game and getting some extra practice time is a good opportunity to get better.

You would think this is a team that should be desperate for any help at this point. As you look at the rest of the schedule starting Saturday at Arkansas, it is going to be a very strong task. The way this team has played at times, you can sense they can turn it on when they want. But they don't have the talent to be doing that. If they look around, and I think coach Smith would agree, they should know they don't have the talent to do that. That's the point he has been trying to get across to them.

They have to come out and play kind of like Rick Pitino had the Unforgettables play. They didn't have great talent, but they knew how to go out and play hard each night. I think the 1998 team that Tubby had in his first year realized they had to do that to win.

You can't take any nights off. They all have to develop that mentality as a team if they want to finish strong.

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