Want to buy a UK baseball season ticket?

On the heels of a SEC baseball championship, coach John Cohen is trying hitch his momentum wagon to last season's success and parlay it over into even more success for the upcoming 2007 UK baseball season. Many new additions and improvements will greet UK baseball for 2007.

The new additions around the stadium that will greet the baseball aficionados will include a new scoreboard with a video monitor, a viewing deck in right field – pitchers running down homerun balls in that area – possibly fans viewing from that area, right field wall taller which makes the right side of the outfield a little more normal like the rest of the league, and there now is a heated bullpen that will be 65-70 degrees year around to keep the pitcher's arms warm.

The effervescent John Cohen enthusiastically talked about the upcoming season to the press at the Wildcat Den. He expects no less from this addition of the Batcats than the entertaining group he had last season--the only difference, perhaps being the way it is done. Initially Cohen said there probably wouldn't be as many home runs but retreated from that statement by saying anything is possible. However he definitely feels there will be more power pitching and speed on the bases and in the outfield than last year.

On the subject of season tickets, Cohen observed, "I think we are just under the 1,200 mark for season tickets. Our goal is to get to 2,000 before we open up. I think we can do that. Our players are going to be involved in that shortly – our coaches are going to be involved – our ticket office has been great – our marketing has been great so that's kind of unparalleled to the history of this program and I'm excited about that part of it."

For the second straight year, instead of the "Fuller Brush" man showing up on your doorstep, it will be a UK baseball player encouraging you to buy a season ticket to the games at Cliff Hagan Stadium at Shively Field.

About going door-to-door again this year, Sean Coughlin said he thinks it's a great idea. "As a senior now, I stepped in here last year as a junior college transfer and he (Cohen) ask me to go door-to-door and I was kind of iffy on the whole thing. But the door-to-door thing is great for our younger players especially to introduce themselves to people and that haven't not gotten out to get their names out there. I think it's well worth it and I like the idea tremendously. The door-to-door selling season tickets bring us together as a team. When we are walking out there and it's snowing it helps our team chemistry."

We asked Coughlin if he showed up on my doorstep, how would he present himself? "I would first show up in my baseball uniform, tucked in and my baseball hat not pulled down all the way but as a presentable outstanding Kentucky baseball player. If I was to walk up to your door, I would say good afternoon sir, how are you? My name is Sean Coughlin and I'm a senior catcher on the University of Kentucky baseball team and I would just like to know if you are interested in buying a season baseball ticket or a group of season tickets."

He said that's about it and if they say no, we have to be able to swallow that and say thank you very much for your time. He further said they would refrain from using their past exploits to convince people to buy because that would sound too cocky. He said they are not pre-conditioned for such an endeavor because that that's just the type of players they have and the way they have been raised. So come on fans, get behind these youngsters and support them!

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