Have the Wildcats addressed the needs at each respective position? In part 5 of 5 we break down the cornerbacks and safeties.

The need: mild

Those that believe a recruiting class in college football doesn't pay immediate dividends, didn't watch the University of Kentucky secondary this year, as the safety spot was a significant upgrade in comparison to years past. Freshmen Ashton Cobb and Calvin Harrison had immediate impacts to the unit that in 2005 was nearly stagnet. 2007 could see similar strides, as UK will have its pick from a talented and speedy crop. Headhunter Mychal Bailey (6-0, 195, 4.4), often times lost in the shuffle because of his flexibility, is a human tackling machine and should generate some play early. Depending on the strides he makes, Greg Wilson (6-1, 180, 4.4) could move over from his original projection at cornerback. Both Bailey and Wilson, oddly enough, have been told by the staff they will play cornerback.

The Future: Kentucky decided against adding a safety down the stretch and instead appear content on evaluating its current crop of commitments to see who will make the switch over. I find it hard to believe that the staff won't at least give a look to Bailey. Regardless of what the staff picked up in this year's crop, the future looks brightest at the safety spot with as many as 5 guys already proving they can become a factor.

2007 S Depth Chart: Ro. Williams (Rs. SR), McClinton (Rs. JR), Cobb (SO), Schwindel (Rs. SO), Harrison (SO)

The need: essential

The Kentucky secondary made strides in 2006, but the staff needed to add more depth to the defensive back position. On paper, UK signed four cornerback possibilities, but two of those being discussed have academic issues. Randall Burden (6-1, 165, 4.4), and Duran Jefferson (6-1, 180, 4.4) will all be 'game-time' decisions as far as qualifying is concerned and will most likely go down the wire. Verbals Greg Wilson (6-2, 180, 4.4), Mychal Bailey (6-1, 197, 4.37) and Taiedo Smith (6-0, 175, 4.4) should be okay though and will add some talent to the secondary next season, for sure.

The Future: UK struck out on the JC front, a place they desperately needed to pluck someone from. The good news may be that the staff redshirted AJ Grigsby and he was one of the better cornerbacks on the squad in the summer this past year, before his injury. No place needs a freshmen to step in more than the cornerback position, in my opinion. Outside of a few solid youngsters, the cupboard is relatively empty.

2007 CB Depth Chart: Grigsby (Rs. JR), Je. Williams (Rs. JR), Moore (Rs. JR), Warford (SO), Lindlay (Rs. SO), Adams (SO), Nevels (Rs. SO)

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