SIGNING DAY: 5 Sleepers to Watch

Kentucky Sports Report wraps up its coverage of Signing Day with 5 sleepers to watch for next season.

Billy Joe Murphy - Years from now, I expect many people to look back and re-think the star rating given to Billy Joe Murphy. A solid athlete and student, the 6-foot-7, 265 pounder has got great 'basketball' player feet skills and a tremendous motor. He'll be overlooked in this class, partly because of his in-state counterparts, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Murphy atop the SEC in four years and a potential professional.
Duran Jefferson - Most hardly even remember the Duran Jefferson recruitment, but it blows away some of the more recent commitments, considering Jefferson had some great options to play his collegiate football before choosing Kentucky. The 6-foot-1, 175 pounder could play defensive back, but if he's healed completely, don't be surprised if UK looks to make him an impact player on offense.
Jake Lanefski - Super athlete that is still learning football, Lanefski is expected to contribute on the offensive line in the future, but don't be surprised if he shocks onlookers and gets some playing time sooner than expected. He's got a mean-streak to him, but more importantly a ridiculous work ethic in the weight room. He should be a serious contender for playing time soon.
Anthony Mosley - You can teach alot in football but size and speed is not one of them. Mosley is still learning how to play organized football, but make no bones about it, he's got the speed every program in America covets. This project is on Joker and his ability to teach the position. He obviously feels comfortable enough to offer and accept Mosley's commitment, I doubt he questions his ability to make him an SEC type wideout.
Antwane Glenn - Many of you that follow recruiting consistently know that I have loved Glenn's game from the start. At 6-foot-4, 235, he's a perfect fit for a defensive end coming in and he's got a knack for finding the ball from his linebacker instincts. The general consensus is that with a good conditioning and weight program, Glenn will become a star.

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