Georgia coach gives UK little chance

If Georgia coach Dennis Felton is right, Kentucky has almost no chance to beat top-ranked Florida Saturday night.

If Georgia coach Dennis Felton is right, Kentucky has almost no chance to beat top-ranked Florida Saturday night.

"They are head and shoulders above everyone else," Felton said. "Florida is a great team. They seem to have terrific character. They seem a little more immune to the pitfalls that are out there and the unique pitfalls out there for team coming off a national championship.

"They play very unselfishly. They play very consistently. They have all the parts. A dead-eye shooter (Lee Humphrey). A point guard (Taurean Green) who never gets rattled. A small forward (Corey Brewer) who is very long and athletic and can do it all. Then they have three (Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Chris Richard) of the best big men in the country. Then they have talent off the bench. What's not to like." But what puts Florida above everyone else? Why are the Gators better than teams like North Carolina, UCLA, Ohio State and others?

"North Carolina is the only team that can make an argument that they could be more talented, but they are young and don't have the experience Florida does," Felton said. "Not only are they extremely experienced, but they have best experience (a national championship). They have supreme confidence. They know what it takes to win. No team has better chemistry. They have been together and achieved success, so their chemistry is better and they can play at a higher level than anyone else."

Want more?

"There is no weak point with Florida. They are so deep and talented that even when they go to their bench, they have talented players. They are established as the team to beat in the country and they are a difficult challenge for anybody. They are more athletic than just about everybody," Felton said. "It is very difficult to keep them down because they are just so talented, athletic and skilled. The combination of athleticism and skill is very hard to handle. "I really believe they are truly the best team in America. They are a load to handle because they are so skilled and talented. Then you put that championship experience on top of that and you have a truly great team."

So if a team hoped to beat Florida, is there a specific player that must be stopped?

"All five of their starters are very capable of hurting you badly during the game. You can't concentrate on one guy," Felton said. "You can't let the big guys kills you. You can't leave Humphrey any space or he will make shots. You have to guard Green tough because he is a good shooter and penetrator. Brewer is a handful in every sense of the word. He can make very well defended shots because of his size. There are not one or two guys can key on. You just have to play very hard as a team and do the best you can not to waste offensive opportunities. You have to maximize every possession you can against them because they are so good."

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