KENNY WALKER: Big games are the best

I think Florida's ranking has to work for Kentucky in this game. You have to take what will work for you and use it.

There have not been many games throughout the years where I wish I could go out and play, but Saturday is one of those games I would want to play because of the atmosphere and hype. Going against a guy like Noah that fans love to hate and is somewhat of a villian would be fun, too.

I don't understand how you couldn't get pumped up to play in that game. There have only been three teams now come to Rupp Arena ranked number one. This is a golden opportunity to do a lot of special things.

If I was playing, I would say all the right things in the paper about not looking forward to this game or it being extra special. But deep down inside, I wouldn't be able to wait to play.

It is a showcase game for everybody at Kentucky.

It would be a big statement for Tubby, and definitely a big statement for UK's junior class because they are the ones that came here so highly regarded. It would be a big feather for them. But for the freshmen, this would be huge. A win at Arkansas was great, but if you could get a win over the nation's No. 1 team in the country, how much is that going to do for their confidence.

Kentucky can win, too. When you look at the talent, my head tells me Florida has more talent and is defending national champion and will be hard to beat them. But with my heart, the game being in Rupp Arena with an electric atmosphere and Kentucky on the upswing and fans in a frenzy, the Cats can win.

I know it is Florida, the defending champion. But if the Cats go down, they will go down in a great game. Kentucky is so used to winning, but here is a chance to shock the world and I think the guys are going to give a monumental effort to do just that.

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