Walker stays busy

Often people ask me what I do to stay busy. I am a community related guy and do a lot of things here in radio to stay busy. I do a postgame call-in show on WVLK (590 AM) after basketball games and work with my good friend, Wes Strader, on a state-wide call-in show that I really like. We do that for basketball and football. I get a chance to dabble and see a lot of football games with Wes.

Football has always been a passion of mine. Not to play, but to go to a lot of games and be a fan. I like getting to travel around the SEC. That is a lot of fun because I didn't get to go and enjoy places when I played.

Then Kenny Rice and I do a syndicated sports show on WVLK Sunday nights from 8-9. It is on about 20 stations throughout the state.

I get a lot of mileage out of being Kenny Walker and just being associated with the University of Kentucky. It is fun to do those type of things.

I moonlight as a salesman with Kentucky Sports History, a company that documents the accomplishments of the University of Kentucky basketball team on an annual basis. I get sponsorships for that publications.

I do a couple of projects for ESPN. And now I am really enjoying writing for Kentucky Sports Report and even have a magazine article coming out soon that I hope people will enjoy.

I am not working myself to death, but I love staying involved with sports.

It took me a while to get comfortable in what I am doing now. First and foremost, I am a Kentucky graduate and a Kentucky fan. I always want to see the Wildcats do well. The toughest thing about sitting here covering them is you can't go put on a uniform, get in the game and help them out. You have to watch and analyze. People ask what you would have done and you can offer some insight, but it is more nerve-wracking to watch than it was when I was playing. You just have to hope, pray and wish that they do well because there is not anything you can do about it.

There's no question it is hard for me to be critical of Kentucky. I think I have found that happy medium. Initially, I didn't want people to say harsh things about Tubby Smith or about players because I have been there and gone through tough times at UK like they do. At times, I still say that. But I also realize the game is different and the style of play is different now, so your mindset has to be different in the way you look at the game.

The most important thing is to call it fair. If coach had a bad game or players played a bad game, I think you have to say it. It doesn't mean you have to get rid of the coach or a player, but you have to be fair no matter how much you love Kentucky. That's not always easy for me to do, but I think I've learned to do that.

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