DEMAREE: UK looks for a surprise from signees

Signing day signifies the results of an abundance of hard work by the coaching staff on the recruiting trail. They have traveled the roads in rental cars, in and out of hotels, and on and off planes in search of prospects that will continue the cumbersome process of building the UK football program.

The program is still in the process trying to get back to the overall limit of 85 scholarships. This is the second year off probation and they are expected to be at the limit when all the players report in August.

The Wildcats went to it's first bowl under coach Brooks where they were victorious over Clemson. Many fans were expecting a bounce in recruiting from the victory. However, recruiting coordinator Randy Sanders said the results of the victory wouldn't show up until next year and possibly two years down the road.

UK did manage to wrest away a recruit, Kyrus Lanxter, who was a West Virginia commitment. Lanxter is a 6-foot-3 receiver with 4.3 speed in the forty. He has been compared to UK's own Keenan Burton in similar abilities.

National signing date generally is full of expectations and anxiety among the rank and file. The last few days leading to the magic date is all about maintenance in keeping the commitments they have acquired along the recruiting trail. There were some anxious moments with a couple of youngsters, including defensive lineman D.J. Stafford and Jake Lanefski. Stafford is from LaGrange high school in LaGrange, Georgia and Lanefski is from Mobile, Alabama. Georgia made a late move on Stafford and Lanefski was strongly contemplating an Alabama offer. At this point, it is questionable whether Stafford will qualify, but the backup plan is to send him to Hargrave Military prep school in Chatham, Virginia.

As the new recruit profile list was handed out by football SID Tony Neely, we commenced to peruse the list. Ah, new precinct heard from – defensive end Charles Mustafaa! "Uh hah, got one past you guys," proclaimed a coquet coach Brooks. Who was within earshot of the comment? Was he a late get on the part of the staff? Coach Brooks said no and that they were on him all the way. The young man's dad Reggie Rutland played in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns. As was many others, the coach spoke in glowing terms of the young man.

The Most Intriguing Signee

About running back Moncell Allen, Brooks said: "You talk about an odyssey, a tragedy of a kid finally getting to where he wanted to be all along. He had great sophomore and junior years at Holy Cross down in Louisiana, the same school that Dicky Lyons went to. The hurricane (Katrina) wipes out his season and he goes to Charlotte, North Carolina and gets into a private school. I think his dad wound up going to work for the Carolina Panthers. Between missing part of the fall his senior year and coming in late he did some good things but didn't get to play as much as he would have if he was back in Louisiana. He came up short on his academic requirements and went Fork Union Military and he now looks to be fine academically. He played some but didn't play as much because they have so many guys coming into those prep schools that one guy doesn't get featured in those prep schools. So he's been on an odyssey through two high schools and prep school and he's finally here getting to come to Lexington and we are excited about him. He's one of those unusual backs – you look at him walk through the door and you say, nah, how could he play? He's 5-foot-7, weighs about 228 and he just bowls you over. He's an exciting player and he catches the ball well."

Although Kentucky's recruiting class was not highly ranked by all the recruiting gurus, the staff is excited about who they signed. The recruiting class is more balanced than others in the past and even more intriguing is that there are eight players from Georgia in this class.

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