WALKER: Fans have right to be frustrated

Kentucky fans are upset with the way this season has gone. If you are a fan, you are going to be disappointed when your team is not playing well. I think it is okay to be disappointed, too. Nobody is happy, or should be happy, when you are not winning and playing well. I think for most fans are frustrated because they are accustomed to winning and don't know why we are not winning more.

It is hard on the call-in shows. It is hard interacting with fans in the public. Everybody wants to know why we have fallen and how can we get back to where we were.

Not to say that we have bad talent on the team right now, but you are only as good as the players you coach. The talent is down. That can only come back once the recruiting gets a little bit better and provides help.

I don't think this team always plays hard enough. I think they have a lot of lapses. I am really disappointed in the lack of toughness. I am from the old school and played with guys like Winston Bennett and there were guys like James Lee and Jamaal Magloire. Every team at Kentucky almost always had that enforcer or tough guy. We don't have that guy this year. We don't have guys that when they are challenged want to compete. They are very good kids and play hard, but they don't have that "it" factor like Winston or a Chuck Hayes had.

I also don't like having Kentucky lose a game and then guys come out and say they know they were better than that team. I don't like that at all. Sometimes you can think you are better, and that's great to have that confidence. But at the end of the day you have to look at yourself in the mirror and if you have lost games or are not playing well, I think you have to accept that to get better.

You can keep fooling yourself and say you are better, but when you keep losing games, you should see that you are not better. I think you should use that as a motivational factor instead of shrugging off a loss by saying we are a pretty good team. Prove you are a good team by winning, not talking.

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