DEMAREE: Judge Adams looks at the 'Cats

Here comes the judge, here comes the judge! John Adams was the starting center on the 1964-65 edition of the Wildcats. For many years Adams sat on the judicial bench in judgment of lawbreakers. He has been retired for three years and is now the hearing officer with the High School Athletic Association. Adams talks about this year's UK team.

Adams, whose last season with the Cats was 1965, ushered in the 1966 ‘Rupp's Runts' in the season Thad Jaracz took over the center position. The Runts were one of the slickest operating units ever assembled at UK.

Adams comes to every home game the Cats play in Rupp Arena and with the Cats suffering an inordinate amount of losses there, the last two seasons haven't been one of the better stretches in Rupp Arena history.

The Cats have had some ups and downs and have played some good teams close. From a former player and now fan perspective, where does Judge Adams see the Cats at this stage of the season? "I think there's a lot of parity in college basketball these days," Adams explained, "and they've had some disappointments, but I thinks they've also had some really high points, too. I think they've still got some potential to do well. They're going to have to cut down on their mistakes and do the kind of things Tubby is talking about in his post game comments. They just can't make those kind of mistakes and beat good teams because every team they play is capable of beating them as well as UK beating them."

What is the difference in today's basketball and the basketball that he played? "I think the number one thing is the athleticism of the players," Adams said. "There's no question that they play harder, longer and are better athletes. Now, there are other things that changed the game, too. The way that they train has changed drastically - the way the game has determined to be officiated has changed. They seem to let them bump each other around a lot more than they use to call. I don't know if that's a mindset or that that's just what they are letting them do."

Adams said a big difference now is that they play year around. He said in his day they played different sports in difference seasons. But now they have organized playing basketball year around.

So much like Adams, Tubby Smith still feels they have the ability to turn it around and excel in the post season if they pay attention to detail. With only one regular season game remaining, and postseason play beginning next Thursday, the proof will be seen sooner, rather than later.

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