Walker discusses BBL appearance

Former UK All-American Kenny "Sky" Walker discusses his participation in the Big Blue Line this past Monday night. Walker says, "I am amazed with the attention it is getting."

I know the speculation about Tubby Smith is getting bad right now. I spent about 10 minutes on Tubby's call-in show Monday night talking about my career and other things with Tubby. It was great. As soon as I got off the phone, the Louisville Courier-Journal called me. The next day I got a call from the Lexington Herald-Leader. Everybody was thinking he didn't want to talk to fans and loaded the show with former players. I never had that happen to me before.

I don't think Tubby is the kind of guy to load his show. It was pretty routine for me. I am shocked and surprised that so many people are trying to make so much out of it. For me, it was just an interview. I can't speak for what happened on Tubby's end, but I am amazed with the attention it is getting.

It was never put to me that Tubby wanted to talk to me so that he would not have to take calls from fans upset over Kentucky's loss at Vanderbilt. They just asked me to talk about my career. There was no talk about filling space. And it's funny that Tubby has been criticized for not involving more former players and once he did that on his radio show, he got criticized for that.

Actually, I was happy to be on the show. I thought the interview went well. I would be willing to do it again because I thought he talked about some very key things surrounding his team. Obviously, there is a whole lot more made of how Kentucky is doing and the pressure on the coach is very difficult. But I didn't see my time on the show as something that was devised to keep fans off the show. I just thought it was an informative interview and one I was glad to do with Tubby.

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