Walker honored to be among elite company

I am looking forward to representing Kentucky at the SEC Tournament as one of the SEC Legends. I have been down to the tournament the last few years and I'm familiar with the guys Kentucky has had represent UK like Sam Bowie and Ralph Beard.

I know I am in elite company with Kentucky guys, but I also saw guys like Buck Johnson and Charles Barkley representing their schools like this. I am feeling like I am going in with a good class and I am looking forward to it.

I think it is probably one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on you other than having your jersey retired because you are not just talking your school, but you are talking the whole SEC. That is pretty special.

I know Wednesday I will be at a reception with the commissioner and do a press conference. Then they ask us to be available for our respective team's first game. I am looking forward to being out on the floor. I am hoping there will be a nice crowd there.

Larry Vaught even asked me if he should call me "Kenny Legend" now. I could get used to that, but somehow that sounds a little bit better with Larry Legend (Larry Bird) and Boston. But being that I will be surrounded by legends, that's something I could probably get used to.

This really is a huge honor and I'm looking forward to meeting with fans and interacting with everyone. This really is a big, big honor that I really appreciate.

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