Cats need Morris to be dominant

Kentucky center Randolph Morris is the key to Kentucky's NCAA Tournament chances, according to former UK All-American Kenny "Sky" Walker. Walker talks about what UK needs Morris to provide the Cats to enable a prolonged tourney run.

I have been saying pretty much all year that Randolph Morris is Kentucky's most important player, and that won't change in the NCAA Tournament. He played very well in the SEC Tournament. When he is a big low post threat, his energy goes up on the defensive end. He blocks more shots and rebounds better.

He does a lot of things you want your big guy to do when he is getting the ball like he did in the SEC Tournament. It seems to me that if he gets going early, then the game becomes a little bit easier for Joe Crawford, Ramel Bradley and everybody else to get into the offense.

A dominant big man is even more important in the tournament because games often come down to a few key possessions. In the regular season, you can play with more freedom and coaches allow you to take a few more chances. In tournament play, possession is important and important to get good shots. Coaches are going to work the ball inside a lot more for high percentage shots if you have a player like Randolph Morris, and not every team has a player like that.

I think he could have a dominant tournament. He didn't settle for fade away jump shots in the SEC Tournament. Kentucky used more high-low action that allowed him to catch the ball deeper in the paint and going toward the rim. When he does that, he scores or gets fouled -- and he is a good free throw shooter.

A lot of times during the season he had a tendency to fade away from the basket when he was shooting and didn't take contact. They are not looking for that in the pros. With his big strong body, he has to take the ball to the basket a little bit more. He started to do that more in the SEC and if he can continue to do that, it is really going to help Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament.

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