WALKER: 'Cats need Lucas and Patterson

With Randolph Morris not coming back next year, it creates some real problems for Kentucky. There are good players coming back. The freshman class has been outstanding. You have Ramel Bradley and Joe Crawford that will be seniors. But you have to have somebody that will anchor that middle.

While Jared Carter has some potential and another project guy (Mike Williams) coming in, it just will not be the same with Randolph Morris not there. Those guys have to learn on the job and who knows how they will pan out.

If they did add Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas, then they could really be good. Jodie Meeks is a rising star. Perry Stevenson just needs more playing time. Crawford and Bradley have toughness and experience. If you have guys like Patterson and Lucas, who could be a backup point guard or maybe even a starting point guard, then you have something. I don't think Patterson is an impact player, but he is a player that is a big piece of the puzzle. If you get him, it is a tremendous upgrade from Bobby Perry or Sheray Thomas in terms of playing that power forward.

Patterson could also take a lot of pressure off losing Morris. He has the kind of body that can bang and get in there with big men and knock them around. We have to have him and Lucas in there to really have the kind of team Kentucky would like to have next year.

So if UK has Morris, Patterson and Lucas, it could've been really good. We know it won't have one of them. If UK has only one, or none of them, then I just don't know.

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