UK Football = Excitement and Optimism?

Guy Morriss and company have rejuvinated the excitement for football in the bluegrass. So, what does this mean?

A year ago, the hot topic in central Kentucky was the pitiful offensive performances by the Kentucky football team through the first two games.  Ten points against arch rival Louisville, in what could be seen as the worst offensive production since the Curry Days, and just over 20 points against an undersized Ball State team that had been trounced defensively a week before.

There were two camps.  The first camp were those fans who believed from day number one that a big time coach should have been hired, and the former AD Larry Ivy had made a terrible decision in his hiring of Coach Morris.

The other camp was the wait and see crowd, the fans who believe that Coach Morriss had been selected by the players for a reason, because they believed that he could guide them to victories.

It was a bitter battle, one that could be described as one of the most heated in history.  Well, at least internet forum history.

UK fandom runs deeper than any form of politics could ever imagine.  If there were ever a battle for governorship by only the head coaches of the two football teams.....well, lets not even think about it.

But now things have changed.  When one goes onto a message board on the internet to see what is being said about the football team, it is almost like the screen lights up with a holy glow.  The Big Blue Nation is holding hands in unison, singing the praises of the once malaigned head coach.

It is a wonderful feeling, to have optimism once again.  The winds of change have swept over the bluegrass with such force, that is had leaked over to other states, even into the homes of the ever pessimistic local media.

Even the nations top recruits are beginning to look at the University of Kentucky again.  Not so long ago, the NCAA was handing down some of the worst sanctions it had placed upon a University in some time.

With just two wins, heck, with just one win over arch rival and media darling Louisville, the University of Kentucky looks bright again.

This is especially so on the recruiting front.  Two days after the big win over arch-rival Louisville, one of the best quarterbacks in the country, fresh off a visit to the elite-11 camp, Andre Woodson commits to be a Wildcat (has anyone else noticed that the state of Kentucky is becoming a breeding ground for top notch quarterbacks?)

Some of the best players in the country, players such as Corey Clark (who has not even been offered by the University of Kentucky) from Collins, MS, a 290 lb DT who plays for one of the best high school teams in the country, is listing Kentucky.

Plus, the in state kids who were deemed as somewhat out of reach, players like Michael Bush, John Logan and Brodie Overstreet do not seem so far fetched, so unattainable.

What wins do to a football program is immeasurable.  A question asked of many of the coaches, especially during this last summer after the probation findings were revealed, was how do they sell the University of Kentucky to prospective players?  The answer usually involved facilities, great academics, and the chance to play in the SEC.

What can coaches say after the first two weeks of the season?  (a gust of wind passes over the coach seconds before he answers).  Because if you come to UK, you win.

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