VAUGHT: Tamme wants to be triple threat

If Jacob Tamme has his way, he could pull off a rare triple feat for the Kentucky football team next season.

Tamme earned All-Southeastern Conference honors at tight end last season and is expected to be a productive part of the Kentucky offense again next season. He also hopes to continue his duties as holder on extra points and field goals.

What he wants to add to his football resume is long snapper, a job he's never done.

"We have four or five guys all competing for it. I started doing it just a little bit at the end of last year on the side some just to get some experience," said Tamme. "For the last month or two, I have really worked on it.

"It is a different game out here at spring practice when you have to snap and block against live competition. By the end of spring, I hope to be really competing for that (long snapping) job and helping us out. I would love to run down the field on punts. I think I am fast enough to do that and just kill somebody right as they catch the ball. I have not tackled anybody in a long time, and I would really like to get a chance to do that.

"I don't how it will all work out, though. I have never snapped. I am holding for field goals, and that takes some time, too. But it could be an interesting combination if I could snap, hold and be a tight end. That would make for a special year."

It would. It could also make for more options for Tamme when NFL scouts evaluate his potential at the next level. He has great hands and runs great routes. He's improved his speed. But if he also shows he can be a long snapper, it could make even much more attractive to NFL teams.

"Anything you can bring and do it well, that obviously would be a plus for you at the next level," said Tamme. "If that works out and I am good enough at it and long snapping can be part of what I can do to help this team, then great. But I want to be able to help out the team by being consistent enough to get it back there and go down there and make some tackles. That would be fun for me, but more importantly it would be good for the team."

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