VAUGHT: Pryor wants to have great season

Kentucky defensive tackle Myron Pryor hopes offseason surgery to repair a broken bone in his wrist won't keep him off the practice field much longer.

"I didn't get to accomplish what I wanted in the offseason because I had to have surgery in January on my wrist," said Pryor. "That kind of set me back. I was not able to run and do some other stuff I would have liked to have done. But my wrist feels better now and in another week or so I hope to get back on the field."

Pryor said he sprained the wrist early last season and the injury kept "nagging" at him.

"Finally, the bone must have split because it hurt so bad. I couldn't tell for sure when it happened. I just got used to the pain. All I knew was that the wrist was bothering me," he said. "At my position, that's not a good thing. I need to use my hands."

He said going back on the practice field and doing routine drills was even a cause for concern last week.

"I didn't know how my wrist would do. Once you get back in the groove and know your wrist, and bones, will hold up, you feel more confident. That's what I have to do this spring," Pryor said.

Pryor feels he had a "good year" in 2006. Now he wants to have what he calls a "great season" to help UK get back to another bowl game.

"I am looking to have a real great season. Plus, I am getting looked at by (NFL) scouts. I have nothing to do but prove myself. Going into this season, I need to stay injury free and put it all on the table," he said. "There is a lot at stake just to know you could have the chance to do something at the next level. But you can't pay attention to that too much. You have to pay attention to your team and teammates and what you want to accomplish here first. You have to want to do something for your team to where you can come back and have the same feeling as last year.

"If I have a big year, it will help me and the team. But you don't worry about going somewhere else or what lies ahead. You just worry about what you are doing right now. If I do what I want next season, then the future will take care of itself."

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