TAYLOR: Playing the waiting game

During the past couple of weeks, the question has been posed to me more than once. On the job, in the restaurant, people I know, people who know me through my profession, family members and yes, my wife Rhonda has even asked: "So what have you heard?" regarding the coaching situation at the University of Kentucky.

Most of inquiring minds want to know who I think will be the next coach. I would be a rich if I got a dollar for every time I was asked the question as to who I thought would replace Tubby Smith. That's the nature of this business.

I have to say it has been very interesting, though. I can't remember the last time I've been sought out so many times regarding a particular subject by anyone, whether it be at the local eating establishments.

Several people have called for my opinion, which is based mostly on gut feeling and instinct over brainpower and one of several thousand "sources." The most amazing thing has been watching how people respond and spread gossip on the Internet. Everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to be a "source."

It has been of my belief and through various sources over the past week that Donovan is headed back north.

My opinion doesn't mean anything at this point, but all of the signs are pointing in that direction. There are too many ties that link Donovan to Kentucky as a big reason he's obviously a top candidate to fill the vacancy.

The most amazing part during this rare search has been the curiosity aspect. People want to know and they want to know now. Don't want to miss a beat. This sports editor wants to know as well, but realizes that time is the most important variable that both parties have at this point. Donovan needs time to catch his breath and analyze the situation, but in the end, my belief is that it will be hard for Donovan to say no.

But then again, it will be hard for him to leave Florida, too.

It's a sure bet Donovan didn't envision this type of scenario regarding his potential return to the Bluegrass. Until Donovan makes a decision, the waiting game continues.

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