Brown emphasizes what a player does right

New Kentucky defensive coordinator Steve Brown likes what he has seen from his unit during spring practice. "We are working hard on technique, reading our keys properly. All the things that will make us play faster. For the most part, it is pretty good. It is a continuing process, but the players are working hard, we are pushing them and they are responding," Brown said.

Brown said it has been a minor adjustment for him at times going from being the secondary coach to overseeing the entire defense.

"It is hard in some respects. You are used to coaching a position. But we have excellent assistant coaches. I try not to step on their toes. I try to let them coach and if there is a little thing here or there I see, I point that out. But for the most part, I just try to see everything and if a position coaches misses something, I can make sure the point gets across," Brown said.

He has a slightly different approach to how he approaches players than former defensive coordinator Mike Archer had.

"I am kind of like a cheerleader. I am trying to promote good, positive energy. I want to get them to play with enthusiasm, fire and fun. We are trying to be uplifting, but yet teach at the same time," Brown said.

Archer would not hesitate to yell at a player for making a mistake. Brown tends to emphasize what a player did right a bit more.

"The most important thing is that they have to hear above everything what they are doing right. We have to accentuate the positive and teach the negative. We are all teachers. It is human nature that if you are screaming and screaming at people, pretty soon they tune you out," Brown said. "It doesn't matter who it is. It is almost like an insect that gets immune to certain pesticides and then grows bigger and larger. We are just really trying to be up tempo, upbeat and talk and teach the things they have to get better at. It is a marathon, not a sprint. We want to make sure they understand what they did right and teach them what they did wrong."

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