UK Fans Need to Keep Ball Rolling

During UK's basketball coaching hire, fans across the Bluegrass made it a point to illustrate to the masses that would listen, how foolish Billy Donovan would be for not wanting to leave Gainesville for Lexington.

There reasoning was simple .. just look at the fan support.

"Only 5,000 fans showed up for their first and second round games," one poster pointed out in reference to the Gators first and second round matchup in New Orleans. "It's obvious, they don't care and don't appreciate what they are doing."

Sound familiar?

Four score and one year ago, was the 2006 football season.

Arguably the most special year in the history of the program and en route to its first bowl victory in 22 years, the Wildcat fanbase was criticized prior to the Music City Bowl for not truly representing that they were behind the team.

Prior to its first bowl win since 1984, UK did not sell out a game in the storied campaign in 2006. This, despite the fact historically, it was one of the greatest years in UK Football's record book.

Then came the Music City Bowl.

December's bowl attendance was as impressive of an apology as the school could have asked for from its fanbase, as 55,000 Kentucky fans went to Nashville to celebrate its impressive victory over Clemson.

It was an apology that was seen and heard by the entire country, as UK's love affair with its school was seen first hand on ESPN as blue shirts covered television screens across the nation.

Saturday, April 21st, 2007 at 1 pm will offer the fanbase another chance at redemption and its first opportunity to showcase its appreciation for its treasured seniors Andre Woodson, Rafael Little and Keenan Burton, who came back to school instead of going into the professional ranks because of their love affair with UK.

Saturday also offers a first chance to honor and witness Wesley Woodyard and Jacob Tamme, two hardworking overachieving seniors whose commitment to the program has paved the way for numerous others to make their way to the Bluegrass state.

They, additionally, will be participating in their final spring game as players for the University of Kentucky, as well.

So what's the excuse this year?

Rich Brooks has proven you were wrong. The team is arguably the most talented since 1977. The weather should be comfortable and sunny. Keeneland's been running for weeks and an hour out at Commonwealth will still allow you time to see the final races of the afternoon. If you leave by 3, you can still make it back to Louisville in time for the fireworks display.

It's a chance to keep the program moving in the right direction and an opportunity to glorify and show your respects for individuals who turned down millions to take a chance and sacrifice for the fans they adore and work hard for each day.

And oh yeah, another selling point to recruits looking at the program and the direction of UK football.

"Just look at the fanbase," UK fans said towards Billy Donovan the UF Basketball program.

For the UK football program, recruits and its seniors, rest assure they are.

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