VAUGHT: Fields has a lot of options

Frankfort coach Craig Foley thinks his star player, E.J. Fields, provides a lot of options for the schools recruiting. "I told him he will have to pick what is best for him. He could bulk up and play running back. He need work on his hands to play receiver, but he could do that. He could play in the secondary.

"He is not afraid of contact. Heck, he enjoys contact, so that is not an issue about where he can play. If anything, contact gets him going. The earlier he takes a good hit in a game, the better off we are."

Fields plays quarterback for Frankfort because that is where his team needs his size and speed the most.

Fields has run the 100-meter dash in 10.8 seconds. He's been timed in the 40 in 4.41 seconds. "But I still think I can do better than that," he said.

His weight is up to about 185. "But I still have the same speed," he said.

He won the Class A 400 dash state championship in 2006 and would love to win the 100, 200 and 400 this season.

Duke, North Carolina State, Troy and Cincinnati have shown the most out of state interest in Fields. Kentucky has offered a scholarship while Louisville continues to evaluate him.

"UK is probably more interested right now," Fields said. "I like them."

Even though UK linebacker coach Chuck Smith won four straight state titles at Boyle County, which is within 35 miles of Frankfort, Fields didn't realize who he was until he started recruiting him.

"I didn't actually know that until he told me. But he is a real good guy. I like him a lot," Fields said.

Fields would prefer to play offense in college. Duke wants him as a receiver. North Carolina State and Troy like him in the secondary. Kentucky and Cincinnati like him for his athletic ability with no specific position yet in mind.

"Most schools are saying that will let me decide where I play when I get there based on my speed and ability," Fields said. "That's what I like the best. I don't want a school to really tell me where I have to play. I really do not have a preference on which position play. I just want to be on the field."

Foley thinks that will happen.

"He is a good kid. He's good in the classroom. He is well respected around school. He has a good personality. He has a good sense humor. He is just a good kid," Foley said. "Combine that with his athletic ability and he has the total package. Academically, socially and athletically, he has it all."

Fields' father would prefer that he play out of state. "He just wants me to go out of state because he thinks it will probably help me grow up more," Fields said. "But I am pretty wide open at this stage. There is not really any school above the other. I am actually kind of confused about where I want to go right now, especially since I keep being told I am going to get more offers." Foley thinks wherever Fields go, he will be a superb addition.

"I think he is going to be a steal. His name is not out there nationally like a lot of other athletes, but he is going to be a big-time player," Foley said. "The school that gets him is going to be very, very happy."

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