Vilarino helping UK recruit

Class of 2009 point guard G.J. Vilarino has already made his college choice. He will attend the University of Kentucky and play for Coach Billy Gillispie. He is now looking for fellow Texans to join him in Lexington.

Texas sophomore point guard G.J. Vilarino admits that he doesn't follow Kentucky's basketball recruiting closely even though he has already verbally committed to the Wildcats and Coach Billy Gillispie. However, that doesn't mean Vilarino is not involved in Kentucky's recruiting.

"Coach Gillispie has actually asked me to look around a little bit and keep him informed about some players. I am going to try and do that the best I can," said Vilarino. "I think there could be a couple of more Texas players come Kentucky's way in the next few years. With coach Gillispie at Kentucky, there is going to be a lot more interest from Texas players."

Vilarino is already dropping hints about playing at Kentucky to AAU teammate Shawn Williams, a 6-6 sophomore from Duncanville, Texas.

"He is considering Kentucky. He would be a nice teammate in college. I know coach Gillispie has been to see him, and I will certainly do what I can to help get him to Kentucky. He's really a good player," Vilarino said.

That's the type of leadership skills Kentucky needs from a point guard.

"I can always be a better leader, and I do think that is one thing I have to get better at," Vilarino said. "But I am the kind of person that will take a last shot or other people can come to me to talk. I don't fear failure. That doesn't bother me. You are going to miss shots. You are going to make mistakes. People don't remember the misses for long. They tend to remember the ones you make a lot more."

Vilarino thinks recruits are also going to remember the impression Gillispie makes when he contacts them.

"I am not around him that much, but he is a very likable, funny guy. He relates well to you, and I think everybody really likes him," Vilarino said. "I think he's really going to get a lot of good recruits, and if I can help him, then I certainly want to do that."

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