Warren showing patience

The moment you lay eyes on Willie Warren the first word that should come to your mind is confidence. He walks with confidence, talks with confidence and plays the game of basketball with confidence. This weekend Warren was able to bring his game up to Fort Wayne for all to see.

Warren started out pool play on Friday night pumping in 27 points in a lop-sided victory over Team Dickerson. Typical Warren numbers for a guy who is known for his offensive game. But things have changed with Willie since the last summer when I saw him in Vegas and Willie agrees.

"I'm much better at creating off the dribble for my teammates, it something I'm doing a lot more this year," Warren said. "I want to play the point guard position at the next level and I want to be recruited as a point guard." It remains to be seen if Warren can play the point at the next level but one thing is for sure good things do happen when he has the ball in his hands.

Saturday morning was a different story for Warren, as he came out and struggled in the first half against the Illinois Wolves and at halftime hadn't scored a point and Team Texas was down to the Illinois Wolves. But the second half was different with the help of Warren's 11 points and Rotnei Clarks' shooting Team Texas came away with a 75-63 victory. It wasn't his offense that won the game but his key assist and an offensive charge he took late in the game that turned the tide. "Yeah, I did what I had to do to win the game," said Warren. "My shot wasn't falling but it will be alright, just a morning game."

Warren talked a little about his recruitment and it looks like he has taken a step back in the process. "I'm wide open--anybody can get involved," he said. "TCU, SMU, Kentucky, Kansas it doesn't matter who you are, I'm open." I asked Warren what he thought about Kentucky and he said "It's a very good program with a good coach and it's up there with everyone else."

Warren said he wasn't sure if Coach Gillispie was trying to create a Texas pipeline to Lexington. As of right now Warren doesn't have any favorites and doesn't have a timeline. Warren intends to show patience through the process. Regardless of what happens in his recruitment some coach is going to be happy at the end no matter how long it takes.

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