Manual's Young Still Without Offer

Louisville (Ky.) Dupont Manual head football coach Joe Nichols has got quite a returning team coming back in 2007.

"Almost everyone's been in to see Brandon and 'Ski,'" Nichols said, referring to his prized defensive lineman Brandon Young and Dave Ulinski. "We've gotten calls from just about everywhere."

Brandon Young, son of former Louisville Cardnal football standout Antonio Young, has seen his recruitment pick up significantly of late.

"Colleges are so fical, sometimes," Nichols said about Young. "You gotta be a certain height or a certain weight. The littlest things turn them off one way or the other. So far everyone likes Brandon, but no one has come through with an offer yet."

"Schools on the east coast have recruited him the hardest, right now," Nichols said. "North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Duke, Virgnina, Georgia Tech have been by. As has Louisville."

The Louisville Cardinals have made it a point to land at Dupont Manual HS this spring. The River City has a special tie with the 6-foot-3, 253 pound defensive end.

"Well, that's where his Dad played for a few years," Nichols said. "I know he's interested in taking a look at the schools on the east coast because he's got family there, but he's going to go there for summer camp."

Teammate Dave Ulinksi has an offer from Kentucky, but the Wildcats haven't given much thought to landing Young.

"Joker's been around here, alot to see 'Ski.'"

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