VAUGHT: Katharine Hall did her part for UK

Katharine Hall may not have been the perfect coach's wife, but she had to be close. Or at least that is what I always thought based on what those close to former Kentucky coach Joe Hall said and what I observed for many, many years. She died on Wednesday at age 75 of complications from cancer and will be buried today.

She was married to Joe Hall for 55 years and did more behind the scenes recruiting work for the Wildcats when he was head coach than many ever knew.

"She was really a special lady," said Dicky Parsons, Hall's former assistant coach at Kentucky and long-time friend. "We had a lot of dinners at her house recruiting basketball players and a lot of holiday dinners for the players we did have. If a player got sick, she was there to help take care of them. She even entertained a couple of international teams that came to Kentucky to play.

"We will miss her. She was a good one. She was totally devoted to Joe and the basketball program. She did a tremendous job and she did play a great role in recruiting."

Parsons thought of the times he would go fishing with Joe Hall and come back to Hall's house when he heard Katharine Hall had passed way. "Coach Hall and I fished an awful lot along Stoner Creek and the South Licking River. We would bring those fish in and clean them in his garage and I am not sure Katharine enjoyed that too much. Then we would go frog hunting and bring in the frogs and clean them in her garage," Parsons said.

But wait. There's an even messier story.

"One day she made the mistake to say it had been a long time since she had fresh chicken. We didn't catch many fish that day, but we found a farmer and bought two chickens," Parsons laughed and said. "We brought those chickens in and cleaned those right there in the garage. I thought she was going to throw us out on our rear ends, but I will never forget her reaction when we brought those chickens in and told her she was going to have fresh chicken for dinner that night.

"Joe and I were partners in crime. We both did the job when we brought fish or frogs into the garage. The time we cleaned the chickens, we had every cat in the neighborhood coming around. That was kind of interesting and I know Katharine was not amused. But she was always gracious and was always supportive of Joe and the basketball program. I know he's really, really going to miss her."

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