Brown and Lockwood doubleteam the secondary

Exactly what happened with the sparkling secondary play in the spring-game? Perhaps the explanation is fairly basic. What you have at work now is a double-barrel attack in relation to coaching in practice.

Mike Archer moves on to what he felt was greener pastures at North Carolina State. Given the ACC is not as tough top to bottom, Archer felt his dream to again some day be head coach could better be realized in the ACC.

With Archers move, Brooks promoted from within moving Steve Brown to Defensive Coordinator. From Joker Phillips' recommendation, Brooks brought David Lockwood in from the University of Minnesota to coach the secondary. Phillips and Lockwood had worked together previously at Notre Dame. Lockwood not only coached the secondary at Minnesota, but he too, had been a defensive coordinator there. So what you have now is and abundance of expertise and experience as for as input to secondary performance.

"Coach David Lockwood is a very good coach and it is hard for me being a secondary coach just to relinquish that but he's done a great job," said defensive coordinator Steve Brown about the now secondary coach. " He is someone that I will lean on because he does have defensive coordinator experience. Hopefully, between the two of us, the secondary will be a very good group back there."

The secondary, consisting of cornerbacks E.J. Adams, Ahmad Grigsby Jr., Paul Warford, Shomari Moore, has Trevard Lindley being the bell-cow with the most star power. Giving the progress he made last season as a redshirt freshman, the coaching staff hopes that he will be one of the best cover corners in the SEC. Lindley picked off Andre Woodson's first two passes in the spring game. Coach Brown said on Lindley: "He's getting better, he made two big interceptions. They shouldn't be trying to attack him and that's good because he's figuring now that he can make plays. He can do things as oppose to just knocking the ball down. Now he can big plays - instead of it being first or second down, but now it's going to be first down Kentucky."

Early on in spring practice, Lockwood was playing it coy or just cautious in downplaying what he had. He said we've got just one (Lindley) and we are looking for some more. After the spring game in which the secondary had four interceptions, he said with a wide grin "I can't show all my hand at one time."

The starting safeties consisting of strong safety Roger Williams and free safety Marcus McClinton appear to be in good hands with McClinton having a chance to be one of the best safeties in the SEC.

We know that the secondary can't do their job proficiently without a pass rush up front. "I had a talk with the whole defensive line and challenged them and said you have to carry the ball," Brown expressed. "I like their effort in the pass rush."

With a summer's worth of work, bigger things are expected for the secondary in the upcoming season, as Brown and Lockwood tag-team their efforts.

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