Gillispie likes Patterson's expectations

Billy Gillispie is not worried about expectations or pressure bothering star recruit Patrick Patterson that much at Kentucky. "He played in four state championship games. He won three in a row," Gillispie said. Gillispie also didn't mind Patterson indicating he hoped to earn All-American honors next year and lead Kentucky to a successful season.

"Some may say he is flamboyant. I want him to set his goals as high as possible," Gillispie said. "He's not an arrogant person. His family is very humble.

"Patrick has great leadership capability. He reminds me of Joseph Jones that played for me at Texas A&M. He was a very vocal leader from day one. Patrick has a lot of those capabilities. It's obvious he is a very strong leader and great winner.

"He seems like a swing for the fences guy, too. I want a whole team of those. I want players who believe in what they can do."

Gillispie believes both Patterson and fellow signee Alex Legion has the physical capabilities of helping immediately. They don't have to develop a collegiate body like Perry Stevenson did last year when his lack of bulk limited his playing time.

"They are mature, but they are freshmen. Our job is to continue their physical development, but they are both ahead of most freshmen," Gillispie said.

Gillispie has no doubts Patterson will help next year.

"When you have the physical and mental ability he has and you are a competitor like he is, it is a pretty good combination," the Kentucky coach said.

Gillispie knew many felt UK was recruiting Patterson as part of a package deal with Jai Lucas, who went to Florida.

"Good luck to everyone else who did not come here. We recruited Patrick for Patrick. We approach each player on his own merits," Gillispie said.

Gillispie doesn't want any part of any criticism over how Patterson and his family handled his recruitment or his college announcement.

"They did not change course from what they said. I don't see how anybody could be disappointed with how they did it," Gillispie said.

Certainly not Gillispie because he knows he got his star. However, the coach was right to note that others had no right to fault Patterson for waiting until the final day to sign. If that is what he wanted to do, what makes that wrong? And if Patterson wants to set lofty goals for himself, what's wrong with that?

Patterson and Kentucky seem like a perfect fit. Kentucky fans expect perfection, and Patterson wants to deliver perfection. What's wrong with that?

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