Kentucky contacting Humphrey

It seems like Kentucky is popping up on a ton of recruiting lists and this weekend we found another. Matthew Humphrey, of the Meanstreets club team, listed the Cats along with a handful of schools at the Nike Memorial Day Classic.

A lot of prospects benefited from their play this spring, and Humphrey is certainly among that group. Since his first tournament of the open period up until now, the Chicago (IL) Hales Franciscan standout has played inspired basketball.

The 6-foot-6 wing continued his strong play this weekend in Nashville, TN., at the Nike MDC. Humphrey, who is known as a long-range specialist, dialed in from deep all weekend long, however he wasn¹t pleased with his overall play.

"I haven¹t played that well this tournament," Humphrey said. "I don¹t really know what it is. I've been hitting shots. There's just some little stuff that I don¹t think I've been doing good at."

The spring has been a success for Humphrey, as he's seen his stock rise not only in rankings (79th on Scout), but also among college coaches. Among the schools showing early interest are Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, Notre Dame, Kentucky and Iowa.

"I would get mail from those schools, but they are calling now. So that's been the biggest difference."

"There¹s a lot of schools that are making me a priority, but I haven't developed a list a yet."

Kentucky is a new name to his recruitment, as they¹ve just thrown their hat in the mix recently. Humphrey, however, has not talked to their coaching staff. All of their work has been through one of his coaches.

"They¹ve been calling my coach. They haven¹t really contacted us yet. I get mail from them everyday."

Humphrey will take a few weeks away from the club and camp circuit, before heading to the NBPA camp on June 19th. He also plans to participate in the Nike positional camp and LeBron James All-American camp.

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