VAUGHT: Tydlacka knows his fundamentals

Most kickers have to refine their fundamentals when they get to college. Ryan Tydlacka could also be in that group, but he's already worked on having the right kicking techniques for 11 years because he started when he was in the first grade.

"My brother started kicking in grade school and when he went to Trinity when I was in the first grade, I started kicking," said Tydlacka, who will be kicking for Kentucky's all-stars against Tennessee Friday night in Lexington. "So I have been kicking in the backyard at soccer goal since I was in the first grade. Not just kicking, either, but working on fundamentals as a first-grader. So kicking is in my blood."

That's because his brother, Wade, was good enough to kick at the University of Louisville and then in the Arena Football League.

Wade Tydlacka has basically been his younger brother's coach and mentor. "He will go out there every day with me. I will kick and he will videotape me. He will teach me things. We will watch the tape and pick out every single flaw that happens," Ryan Tydlacka said.

Apparently the work has paid off. Many already consider Tydlacka one of the state's best all-time high school kickers. He modestly says an average punt should be "40 to 45 yards) with a hang time of 4.4 or 4.5 seconds even though he expects more distance and hang time each time he punts. He believes he should make field goals in the 40- to 45-yard range "75 percent of the time" no matter what the circumstances.

Tydlacka isn't sure if he could punt, kick off or handle extra points and/or field goals at Kentucky. He would gladly do any of those jobs, but wouldn't mind doing them all if that is what was needed.

"I don't think it is impossible to do them all. It is something I have been doing since I started playing football in fifth grade. I can do all three. I am used to it," he said. "When you work at something this long, you should be able to do it. I have worked on this my whole life. It is just something I have been doing and should be good at."

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